I gave her 5

and she did it in TWO! Amelia has been very curious about the tops of things lately. You know, the tops of tables, where glasses and cups of liquid can be found. She's been crawling for a few weeks now so she can move herself around very easily. But that doesn't solve the problem of really getting up to the same level of everyone else, which is important. So she's been using her new teeth to kneel up against the edge of the coffee table where we play games and add her own decorative element to the furniture. On Sunday she was kneeling so proficiently that I looked at Phil and said, " I give her 5 days until she can pull herself up to standing." She did it today! And she's mighty proud. Now to solve the problem of how to get down once she's up. She stood at the table for a long time this evening trying to work this one out. But at least she can get herself in on the action now. That's the most important thing. The picture was from Sunday night when she really wanted to play the game. (Don't ask why Hadley has no shirt on. Somehow she was HOT???) I didn't get the standing up on film yet. Maybe I'll actually take some video of the poor neglected child. It's been awhile.


  1. I was wondering why Hadley was topless in December.

    Congrats to Amelia. Let the fun begin. It is fun to watch them move around, but that is when life gets really crazy.

    In a room full of hundreds of items, Isha will find the 2 things I don't want her to touch and that is right where she crawls to. I think it is some kind of baby ESP.

  2. I'm laughing about this entire post and photo...Amelia's bite-mark decor and proudest moments along with Hadley's no-shirt game play. ha ha. Oh, and I love colored christmas tree lights; good for Hadley talking you into it. xoxo

  3. Hadley might be doing a little upstaging in this picture. I was excited for Amelia's accomplishment, but I was wondering about the shirtlessness... -S


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