Gingerbread Houses

(even my formatting on this post is going skiddywompus)
We attempted to make gingerbread houses during Amelia's nap today. Hadley's actually turned out pretty darn cute and sturdy, but I went a little overboard I guess. Mine collapsed and then had to become a "mid-century mod" home with a flat roof. We had fun, and Hadley can't wait to eat hers. I personally can't think of anything less appealing to eat, but you know. To each her own!

Before the gradual slide

Down she goes

Flat roofs are good. I guess.


  1. Yay for Graham Cracker Houses!! May the tradition continue :)

  2. I want to make a gingerbread house. I think it would be a great tradition to start with Isha.

  3. We started that tradition last house did the same thing. It must run in the family:)

  4. What fun! I want to give it a try myself!!! :) -S


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