And these are next

I wish I had some of these little babies right now!!

If you don't get Everyday Food magazine here's the recipe.


  1. Heather - your Everyday Food posts have me laughing. I love the magazine too, and have you to thank for its introduction into my life. Most of what I cook comes from it, and it's all so delicious and easy to make. It really is worthy of a freak-out-fest!

  2. I just made the pork paprikash from that same issue. And it was easy, hearty, and YUMMY! A post about it will be coming to my blog soon!

    I also eyed these cookies. I love how they played with a "girl scouts-esque" line in the text, but never quite said Thin Mints!

    I love the magazine and feel that I no longer need to get cookbooks. I just keep my Every Day Food at hand. And I could go on and on about how much I love the "grocery bag" feature. Such a great deal1 :) -S

    PS- Beef stew with root veg from the same issue is on my menu for tonight!


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