8 months old

Once again another month has quickly passed us by. Amelia actually turned 8 mos on the 29th of November, but I didn't have any current pictures to show you. So here we are about a week late. She doesn't mind.

The little booger has been growing up a lot lately. She's eating like a champ (nothin' new), she has two top teeth (finally) and two bottom teeth. Now she can chew lots of things including carpet pad, which she found under the rug this morning. I guess she was checking under there for a toy and found something so much more fun! Her jump-a-roo and cheerios and peas are her favorite past time. Oh. Wait, way to pass time I mean. She has a nice shriek going too. She practices it pretty much any time she doesn't like something. And sometimes just for good measure. It's loud. She also learned to crawl last week. Now she's chasing us all over the house so she can remind us that we are leaving her out whenever we aren't holding her. One problem she still has is getting stuck under the furniture as she slides backwards on the hard wood floors. She practices her shriek while she does these two things, too.
If it sounds like I'm not very happy with her it's because she won't let me sleep. Her shriek comes in handy in the night as well. Mostly at inopportune times, like when I've just finally fallen asleep. Should she still be doing this at 8 months old? Cause I personally think she needs to practice sleeping all night long. I mean really! What can she possibly think she's missing out on when it's pitch black and we're not even doing anything exciting.

But seriously, she's such a little chumpkin. (Daddy's word) We really wouldn't be happy without her, but if you want to send something for Christmas, could you please send sleep?


  1. The visual of screeching baby with baby extra padded bottom stuck under the furniture is too much (probably less fun to experience!) ...

    I'm going to have to start planning a visit before both girls are in college!

    Happy eight months old birthday!


  2. She has the most adorable chubby cheeks! And she looks so happy in those pictures, I just can't imagine her shrieking at you in the middle of the night :)

  3. Cutie-patootie! Too bad about the shrieking...but it sounds kind of cute too (for 2 minutes I am sure!). -S

  4. Isha is a shrieker. When any of the other kids in our breastfeeding group screech the moms always say that the kids are pulling an Isha.

    I can't believe that Amelia is already 8 months old. She has changed so munch since I saw her.

  5. I agree with everyone else...the Shrieking Amelia sounds a tad endearing (for about 2 minutes I am sure), and the photo of her stuck under the furniture is cracking me up. I've got a feeling this girl has got a lifetime of making everyone laugh ahead.

  6. She is sooooo cute!!! And looks so happy!!! That's why - she has to make up for the lack of sleep she allows you.

    I think the whole sleep factor is one really, really good source of birth control. During one of Isaac's terrible nights recently I yelled at Rob, "Go get an appointment for a vascectomy!!!" Really, how long can a person go without sleep?

    Hope Santa brings you some!! Oh, could you ask him to spread it East too???


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