Then and Now

This is me at 8 months

This is Amelia at almost 8 months.

Not a huge resemblance unless you cover the top half of my egg head.


  1. what a great idea, heather. You were is Amelia!

  2. So fun! I think it is always so amazing how the apple doesn't really fall that far from the tree (that is what my mom would say...and I agree). -S

  3. heather,

    i finally got a moment to get online and look at your blogs. they are so adorable. your girls are getting so big. i can't wait to see you guys...i wish we lived closer so our babies could play.

  4. I love Amelia's little fuzz head. She is so cute and sweet!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


  5. Yes, the little lines around the mouth are certainly the same!! You both sure are cute!!!!


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