It's Magic Time!

I told Hadley she was not allowed to add anything to (nor even discuss) her Christmas wish list until after Thanksgiving. Today she asked me if she was allowed to start talking about Christmas. I finally agreed that it was time. This is a season full of magic for her, and I love sharing in her dreams of sugar plumb fairies and stockings hung by the tree. I just hope we can minimize the "wanting" and encourage the giving and memory making.

The downtown tree lighting was just the opportunity to indulge in a little magic memory making. We had a great time dancing around the giant tree and enjoying the lights.


  1. These pictures are great. I love the one of Amelia all bundled up. I love how you group all the pictures together. How do you do it?

  2. Great photos, Heather. Christmas is so much fun; especially for children. Ho Ho Ho!

  3. i can not believe how much Amelia looks just like Hadley did. I had to do a double take to make sure that wasn't an old picture....she is adorable. You have such a cute little family!!

  4. Wonder and magic! I would guess that is one of the extra special joys fo having children...they are filled with such wonder! I also LOVE the picture grouping. All of us bloggers are dying to know how you did it! We need an instructional post! -S


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