Yay for Moms and Sisters

The girls and I just returned from visiting my Mom and little sister Lindsay. My sister in law Mary and my nephew Cash went with us. The babies were miraculously good, and Hadley even enjoyed the ride thanks to the portable DVD player Mary brought along. (Note to self...get one...before the next driving vacation.) Here was the conversation we had that replaced the infamous "are we there yet?" question.

About half way to Nana's house:

Hadley: "Mom, did Nana move?"
Me: "Nope"
Hadley: "Hmmm...cause I sure don't remember it taking this long to get there before."

Lindsay is ready to have a baby. Her little boy is due on November 2nd. We were able to rub her belly and celebrate her new arrival with a baby shower on Saturday. Many friends and family showed up to cheer her on. (and we loved seeing them, too.) She and Casey will be fantastic parents. It was a really nice visit "home", and if we hadn't left Phil behind, it would have been much more difficult to leave. We already miss Nana and Linz and Casey. I'm so glad I took the time to go and visit. I was rewarded for my visit in many ways, not the least of which with my Mom's apple cake. The apple cake is good, but the caramel sauce she makes to top it is better. I really need to post that recipe here so you can enjoy the divine concoction for yourself. I did take some pictures, but I think I'll put them on Polka Dots, since they are mostly of the kids. Thanks for a great visit!!


  1. I agree! Moms and sisters are the best! One thing I have absolutely loved about living here is that my baby sister has moved to the area. We may not see each other a ton, but its just so wonderful to know that she is here! Your sister's bump shots are very cute! Apple cake with caramel sauce...sounds tasty! Can't wait to try it! -S

  2. I'm glad you had a good visit with your family. I looked at Lindsey's blog. She is so cute. She is brave to show her baby belly on the blog. I was never that brave!

  3. I am glad you had a good visit. You know how, when you haven't seen someone for fifteen years or so, they are the same in your mind? Imagine my surprise when I checked out Lindsay's blog! She's all grown up and I just picture her as a little girl. So funny!

    PLEASE post that apple cake recipe. With the caramel sauce it sounds absolutely divine!


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