Under the Influence

This conversation took place in the rocking chair this week. We were under the influence of life in its purest form.

Hadley: Daddy, did you know that "A" is a letter and a word all in itself?

Daddy: I sure did.

Hadley: There's nothing I can teach my parents.

Daddy: Sure there is. You teach me love, patience, sharing, joy, and so many other things.

I recently listened to an podcast called Unconditional Love from my favorite radio show, This American Life. Ira Glass and his editors are masterful story tellers. In this episode they talk about being parents and how hard it can be to demonstrate unconditional love in real life sometimes. If you haven't enjoyed their craft before I highly recommend it. I was literally weeping by the end of the show. Not so much with sadness, but as usual, with overwhelming gratitude at the chance to feel humanity in its barest state.


  1. Hadley is too sweet. It sounds like she is learning a lot at school.

  2. I love Hadley's response!

    I haven't heard that story before. This American Life is often SO moving...sometimes I am surprised to find my eyes filled with tears! -S


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