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I've been too busy to post all the wonderful things the girls have been doing lately so this is my catch up post. The photos are from our visit to my Mom's house last week.

Amelia and her uncle Casey (Lindsay's husband) really bonded. Casey got lots of practice at helping with the baby. (Not that he doesn't already since he has lots of nieces and nephews in his family). Thanks for all your help, Casey. Amelia loved playing with you while she was away from her Daddy.
Cash and Amelia are attentively listening to Hadley as she reads them stories. They loved playing with each other and were so cute together.
Cash is crawling and pulling himself up on everything. I pity Mary. She never has a moment of peace. He shared his Bumpo with Amelia a lot. It was so nice!!! If they weren't $40 bucks I'd buy one.

We had a great time playing with cousins and seeing family and friends we haven't seen for awhile. It is so fun to have Cash and Amelia so close together in age, and Hadley old enough to entertain them.


  1. Cousin time is so much fun! I really loved all of the special times that I had with my cousins when I was young. We still have fun when we get together! -S

  2. Hadley is such a good big sister. It looks like Amelia and Cash are good friends.


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