Daily Bread

I've been on a domestic quest this weekend. All things oven have been on the list. Of course there's the cleaning, laundry, dishes, and child nurturing that have to take place as well, but baking has been calling me recently.
Yesterday Hadley and I made pizza (one pepperoni and one roasted veggie) and today we made Everyday Oatmeal Bread from the Simply in Season cookbook. Both turned out well. I'm pretty amazed.
I remember my Mom baking bread for us when we were growing up. She had a wheat grinder in the laundry room and she would grind the wheat and then turn it into beautiful brown loaves. We never quite appreciated what a wonderful gift that really was. I also remember making pizza and feeling shortchanged because it didn't taste like the stuff at Pizza Hut, which I would have rather been eating.
I'm probably very naive to think that my children will love the foods I prepare from scratch more than those of the major fast food chains, but the reality is, I learned my appreciation for nutritious homemade foods from my Mom. I am so thankful that she taught me about canning, baking, and preparing healthy foods for the family. It might just take my girls 30 years to be thankful for the gift of healthy eating habits, but I'm willing to wait. For now I'm going to keep showing them how much I love them by filling our home with the smell of fresh baked bread just as often as I can.


  1. Wow, the bread is gorgeous, and I can imagine it tastes delish. I'll have to check my cookbook and give it a try. Love you.

  2. There is nothing like homemade bread. I think that the girls will like it if it is something that they grow up with. And even if they don't appreciate it you know that you are doing something special for them.

  3. Wow! That looks so yummy. My grandpa was the bread maker at our house. Oh what I wouldn't give for a warm loaf of his bread (recipe died with him). I am so impressed. -S

  4. My Grandma used to grind her own wheat as well. I TOTALLY didn't appreciate it and would love to be able to do it myself! Your bread is beautiful. I find that slowing down and doing something, like baking bread, can be quite theraputic.


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