Sometimes when my little angel finally goes down for a nap I just don't feel like racing around the house to do the dishes and clean up all the messes.

Wanna see what my house looks like when I avoid these chores?

Well, I just tried to take some photos for you, but my camera battery was dead. I'm sorta relieved, because I was feeling really embarrassed about you seeing the way I really live these days. I am on a quest to find solace in the fact that I'm doing other things. So far I've only arrived back at the place where I feel stress every time I walk into my house, but hey, every journey starts somewhere, right?

Here's my question for you: Is a small house more messy and hard to keep clean than a big one?


  1. I say hmmm...I have seen some pretty messy big houses...but then again there is more surface area to get covered and also to hide the mess. And I would not be so worried about any mess...teaching AND parenting AND having a life of your own as well. I know that its hard to have a messy house...but we all do when we get busy! :) -S

  2. I know how you feel. I have a hard time keeping up with the clutter. I have little piles all over the house and you don't even want to see the spare bedroom. There are piles of baby clothes, maternity clothes, a spare bed, baby swing and bassinet. Yikes. Thank goodness for doors! Everytime I see the maids car at my neighbors house I get so jealous.

    Just remember that we love you because you are you, not because you have a clean house!

  3. I think a house with kids is harder to keep clean than a house without...I can't keep up and I'm not juggling all that you are!!!

    My tiny house was immaculate because I had no children and worked full time. My larger house is trashed with toys, dust, etc. because I just can't get it all done.

    I sure see why people hire cleaning ladies. And I know why The Container Store is so popular.


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