Hadley rides a two wheeler!

Hadley's latest trick was learning to ride her bike without training wheels this week! Thanks to Daddy's loving patience Hadley finally agreed to take off the extra wheels and give it a try. They went up and down the sidewalk several times and finally headed over to a nearby church parking lot. In no time at all she was blasting away, turning corners and aiming for targets. She's pretty proud of her little self, and I'm lamenting yet another sign of her independence. It's certainly bittersweet. You should have seen Phil jumping up and down and beaming from ear to ear with excitement.


  1. Oh Heather! This almost made me cry! I can't believe how cool this is, and how proud you and Phil must be. What's really strange, is that I remember (with clarity) my first ride without training wheels. I'm sure that was a moment Hadley will always remember!

    And the post below about the "Baby Scientist" is hysterical!

  2. She does look like a pro! I remember my first attempt at only 2 wheals (it was on my pink Schwinn with the banana seat) and my daddy was there to help cheer me on! What a sweet little memory - nice that yours brought mine back to me. What a lovely little ray of sunshine for my evening! -S

  3. hi heather--marcus showed me how to look at this tonight and i've been catching up with all the photos. this is fantastic! you've done a great job in keeping everyone up to date. keep it up!

    we love you all!!

  4. I remember my first ride without training wheels. Unfortunately I was so excited that I forgot to use the brakes and I ran into a tree.

    Hadley is such a big girl. I still can't believe she is in school and now riding a bike all on her own.


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