Busy Bee Slings is born

I had two wonderful friends give me baby carrying devices when Amelia was born. Dunya gave me her Ring Sling, and Sarah gave me her Moby Wrap to use for awhile. I love both carriers for different reasons. Every time I leave the house someone asks me where I got my baby carriers. After doing some research I realized that I could make the ring slings with a fair amount of ease, and thus Busy Bee Slings was born. I have since sold four slings and given one away as a gift. I recently made business cards so that I could hand them out when people ask me. I'm not attempting to make a full blown business out of this sling making, but I am interested in making and selling the slings part time.

If you know someone who is having a baby and would enjoy a sling, please consider e-mailing me to place an order. I have several fabrics to chose from, and the slings range in price from $25-30, which is deeply discounted from the traditional Maya Wrap found on-line.

Slings offer the benefit of being extremely comfortable both for Mom and Baby, they fit nicely in a diaper bag, they are quick and easy to put on, work well as diaper changing pads, nursing cover-ups, burp cloths, and even picnic blankets. Plus they last from birth to "toddlerdom". I even used my sling to hold Hadley on my back this weekend at Art in the Park. I'll post a photo of Amelia in her sling shortly. She is immediately happy when carried in her sling.

Just thought I'd let you know.


  1. Oh My Goodness! This is so exciting. Definitely post a picture (and prepare yourself for orders)! yay, Heather, how wonderful.

  2. H- You know that the minute I am in need of a sling...you will be my gal. I assume that you will ship to VA as needed? I love how the slings keep babies connected to mommies and daddies! I can't wait to see the pictures! -S

  3. Congratulations on the new endevour. Can you set up a table at the farmers market to sell them? I absolutely love my homemade moby wrap. People think it is the cooles thing and the sling you made me is great. I always wear Isha in it when I vacuum or mop. I have a swiffer mop that sprays the cleaner and Isha cracks up everytime I spray it. I will have Jai take a picture of Isha in her sling and post it for all to see.

    I better go. Someone is getting grouchy.

  4. AWESOME!!! Yes, post a picture and then I'll post your post on my blog. Maybe I can get you some midwestern business! What a great idea! I think I'd like to have a baby forever just because I love wearing one in a sling. That much.

  5. Thank you for your supportive comments, ladies! I'm now that much more motivated to get those photos on here. As soon as Amelia wakes up we'll do a little photo shoot.

    Chef, I'm ready and waiting!

    Sara K. You know I'll ship!! I can ship the slings for $5 via priority mail.

    Baby Isha, There are two really nice girls at the Nampa Farmer's Market selling slings already, but I might go to Boise or even Kuna.

    Sarah, That would be awesome!!


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