My cranky little non-sleeper finally pushed her first little tooth through yesterday morning. After chewing, sucking and chomping on anything Amelia could get her chubby little hands on this past week she finally has a little relief. The tooth came through on Saturday morning as she was chewing on my hand as hard as she could. Teething rings are not for her...too hard to hold. She prefers flesh. We had a little blow out earlier in the week when I went to bed at 9pm hoping to get a good nights rest and ended up getting up about 5 times between 9 and midnight. All I can say is thank heavens for Walgreen's. I plunked her in her car seat and whisked her off to the store in the middle of the night to get teething gel. She's about a month earlier than Hadley was, so I wasn't sure that was the actual problem, but was desperate and I guess my instincts were right! The second one is close behind, so I'm not getting my hopes up about sleeping better this week. All I can really hope for is a speedy arrival followed by a respite.

Amelia is also working on her rolling skills. She hasn't quite mastered the roll yet, but she is starting to roll when I lay her on the bed, so I'm sure the floor roll will follow soon.

She also loves rice cereal! She can down a bowl full in about 5 minutes and she's always mad when it's gone. We picked up some peaches, sweet potatoes, and apples for her today. I'll start introducing those pretty soon just for a little variety.


  1. Congratulations on the TOOTH!! I know what a trial that was on the whole family and am relieved to hear it's broken through. God Speed for a quick arrival of the rest.


  2. Yay for the first tooth! Hopefully that has meant some peace filled nights of more sleep! -S

  3. I can't believe she has a tooth already. I wish I was there to see it. No teeth here. I keep wondering when the crying, runny nose and sleepless nights is going to hit us.


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