Ready, Set, Sleep....PLEASE?

I think the most difficult transition for me at this point in going back to school is not getting enough sleep. Amelia was sleeping for 7 hours at a stretch last month. Now she's decided to wake up every two to three hours at night. Maybe she's growing, maybe she misses me, maybe she just knows I really want to sleep and she thinks it's funny to keep waking up all night. Who knows?!! But I'm tired and I want to go to sleep and stay that way for at least 5 hours. 7 or 8 would be divine!

So, based on a recommendation from Sarah, I bought the book The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantly. I've read it from cover to cover and filled out all the worksheets. Elizabeth says it will take time, but we should both be sleeping better if we follow her plan. Sarah was right, I like her approach, and I like that she gives an actual strategy for sleep that doesn't involve leaving Amelia to cry in her bed. I'm not giving a review yet, because I've only done it for one day, but last night Amelia did go 7 hours between meals. I did have to put her binkie back in her mouth three times and calm her back to sleep, but we did it without nursing. That's a huge improvement for us. The next step is to get her to do the seven hours without the binkie. Thankfully, Elizabeth has a plan for that, too. I love the book's phases of sleep development because I think the steps are do-able and effective without traumatizing me or Amelia. So if you know a little someone having sleep difficulties...I highly recommend trying this book. She has a toddler version as well is the little someone is a little older. I wish I'd had this book with Hadley. We went 8 long months of not sleeping more than 3 hours at a time before she finally decided sleeping was more fun than eating.

Cross your fingers for me...I need sleep!!

Thanks, Sarah! I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Interesting! I can't wait to see how it goes for the long run! May sleep come and come to stay!!! -S

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  3. I will definately keep my fingers crossed. The whole sleeping thing is the hardest. Especially when you have to go to work and try to function.

  4. I am glad you are finding her sleep tips helpful. Amelia is at a good age to be working on this, despite how tiring it is. Good luck. I will be thinking of you! I really, really hope that she can sleep a long period at night so you can be rested for work.

  5. Good Luck, Heather and Amelia. I'm going to pass the recommendation along to my brother-in-law who is having a difficult time with both of children -- a toddler and an infant.

    Keep us posted on the more long-term results.


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