Poor, Pitty, Me!

I've fallen off the face of the planet for awhile. It all started last week when family activities sort of exploded. First my Mom and Aunt Rebby came to town so we all went bowling together (Heather, Phil,Hadley, Amelia, Rebecca, Mom, Ryan, Mary and Cash). Way fun. We went to the student union building where we went many, many times as children growing up. At this time I would like to take the opportunity to thank the creator of the bumper lanes. My little self had so much more fun when I didn't thrown the ball straight into the gutter every single time I went to lob it down the lane. I would like to point out that I did actually bowl at least one strike and a couple spares without the use of the gutter bumpers, but they did help me out a whole lot. It was Hadley's first time and can you even believe I didn't take *any* pictures. I'm sick about it. But we all had fun together. Then we went out for pizza and stopped in at the Lux fashion Lounge. A really sweet store downtown featuring all used clothes, but hip. Being that it was two days before my birthday I took the opportunity to buy myself a few things to enjoy this new school year. Phil didn't like waiting outside in the heat, but I did try to hurry. I really did! That was Friday the 20th.

Saturday we started with a complete meltdown of all Best parties (except Daddy, who was working already). It was really lovely. One of my better parenting moments, actually. Just ask Rebecca, who I was on the phone with when it all started coming down. Amelia's head firmly planted face down in the chair, Hadley yanking on her to keep her from me, me sweating, purple faced and screaming "let go". (somehow a period at the end of that sentence doesn't seem right) Anyhow, we got it together with a little help from Papa and we went to the Farmer's Market where I saw the most beautiful flower stall ever. Once again...tooo spun to take a picture. Sorry. But imagine it. It was glorious and I could have stayed there all day soaking it in. I want a flower stall. Then we drove to Sweet, ID for the 85th birthday celebration of my Aunt Echo Dell. She was very surprised and touched to see everyone there.

Sunday. I turned 30 something. Remember that show from a long time ago? I used to sit on the top of the stairs and watch it from behind my Mom when I was supposed to be in bed. I'm pretty sure she knew I was there but she was way too tired to fight me anymore. I'm so like that by the time night comes. Totally done being a Mom. You know what I mean? I digress. Phil, Hadley and Amelia took me out for breakfast and I had a *huge* and beautifully delicious German Pancake. I did get a picture of that. It's not very flattering of anyone except the pancake.

After breakfast we packed the van and met up with Nana and Rebby for a trip to Utah. The girls were pretty good in the car, but I have to say entertaining them for 6 hours is way too much work. How Sarah drove for two days and didn't lose her mind I'll never understand. But at the end of the day we finally arrived in Midway, UT at The Zermatt Resort. This area is one of the most beautiful places in America. Aunt Rebby had a room there while she was doing business for a couple of daysm and she graciously let us join her and enjoy the pool and the very nice room.

Mon-Sat...these days are all a blurr. I know I went to the pool a couple times, saw my Aunt Karen and her family as they celebrated Pioneer Day (a Utah phenom.), attended a funeral for my Aunt, rode home while Ryan drove and then pretty much collapsed. The blurring started Monday night with major neck and head pain and a low grade fever. The peak was about 3:30 am Thursday night when I woke up (from my feverish non-sleep) with a fever of 102.7, head ready to explode, body aching, throat sore, and chest tight. After feeling miserable for a few more days I finally decided to go to the doctor yesterday and they gave me a whole slew of stuff to take. After my body got over the shock of being over medicated I actually started to feel human again. They say it might be strep, but the quick test came back negative and the Dr. says they get a semi-frequent false negative. He's pretty sure that having a fever of almost 103 in an adult means bacteria of some kind because that's "really, really high for adults". That made me feel less wimpy. I've been nearly in tears on more than a few occasions this past week. I hope no one else I came in contact with ends up with what ever it is that I have.

The verdict? I don't do overloaded well. I way overbooked myself and it got the best of me for sure. So now that you all feel really sorry for me I think you'll understand why I dropped off the face of blogland. I'm hoping to really feel better by tomorrow at which point I may post some pictures of these past events. For now...thank you to everyone who sent birthday regards of any kind. I had many phone calls, e-mail messages, packages, and cards. I appreciate them all and I thank you!



  1. Ahhh...Heather. You POOR THING!!! I'm so sorry to hear you came down with something spooky and icky, but am glad you are coming out of it. Your weekend in Utah sounds like it was fun. But yes, overload is NO GOOD. Hope you can relax and recover. I love you, toots!


  2. I am glad that you are starting to feel better. Being that sick is the pitts and especially when you have a baby to take care of. Try to enjoy your last week before going back to work. I know it is going to be hard to leave Amelia, but she will be fine. Everything else has worked out good and this will to.

  3. Wow! H, what a time of it! Sounds like a lot of fun mixed with some really icky bits! On a side note, I love Lux and shopped there a bit when I lived in Tree town! :) Hope things continue to look up for you! -S

  4. Oh, this post took me through so many emotions! Joy at imagining Hadley bowling for the first time, laughter because I, too, sneaked 30-something and now am. I would like that show even more now, I am sure. And then such sorrow that you have been so sick! I think it's the worst to be a sick mom, especially with a nursing baby who's up at night. I hope that you are feeling better!!


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