Gone Yo-Yo

I have gone completely Yo-Yo! My favorite new and inspiring artist (her name is Heather...isn't that perfect?) features this nifty little craft on her blog, and I've become quite enamored with it! The best thing about yo-yo's is that they are a little tiny project you can complete in about 5 minutes. The other best thing is that I can buy all those fat quarters I love from the quilting store and not feel the need to quilt. And the other best thing is that they are *adorable*! These are the projects I've been working on this week. ( you know all of this blissful crafting ends as soon as school starts, right?)
(I'll use the string of them (left) to make a garland for the top of my brown curtains in the living room) The other's went on shirts...one for Hadley and one for someone else I love!


  1. I love it! AND I am so impressed with your craftiness! :0) -Sara


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