Lucky Again

One reason I love living back in my hometown area is because all my childhood friends eventually come home to visit. My friend Jen and her baby Isha are frequent visitors to the blog so I get to see them frequently in "blogland", but I've been missing them terribly in real life. Especially since little Isha was born and I had to wait 5 whole months to touch her sweet little cheeks. Jen and I had a great time catching up yesterday, and I was lucky because she was able to spend the whole afternoon with us just chillin'. The hardest part is saying goodbye. I know their Daddy misses them, though, so I guess I'll let them go without too much of a fight. We sure will miss them. It would be so fun for Isha and Amelia to play together as they grow. Thanks for a wonderful visit, girls.
(Thanks, Hadley for being our photographer!) (Jen and Isha cuddle)


  1. I'm so sad I won't be coming home for another year! I want to hug you, and get my photo taken with you by Hadley. I'm so happy for you and Jen. Aren't friends the greatest?

  2. I know that Jen and Isha were most thrilled about their chance to visit you as well! That is the one thing I miss about living in called it just right...we all come back to the mother ship eventually! -Sara


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