Amelia is 6 weeks old today! She celebrated last night by sleeping for 6 whole hours for the first time! I really can't express how happy that made me. She's pretty happy about it, too.


  1. Yippee. Boy does that girl have some cheeks. I can't wait to snuggle her. She is to cute!!

  2. She is sooooo cute in her polka dots! She is a chunky monkey - how much does she weigh by now?

    Good girl, Amelia! I hope that you keep sleeping a long stretch at night so that you and your Mama can get some much deserved and needed sleep!!!

  3. Happy 6 wk birthday to Amelia!

    Happy Mother's Day to Heather!

  4. Yes, she certainly has chunked up!! I will take her in for an official weigh in next week, but I'm pretty certain she's about 12 pounds right now. Two pounds heavier than Hadley was at this age. (oh my aching back,neck and arms!)


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