Mad Mama Minivan

As one of my students said yesterday...this is definite blackmail material. Phil coined the term "Mad Mama Minivan" in honor of all the crazed Mom's out there busily shuttling their families about. This was nearly ten years ago as we were doing a driveaway shortly after we got married. Little did we know this term would be directly connected to our lives in the not too distant future.

Well my's happened. I'm officially a Mad Mama Minivan driver and proud of it!!!

A little over a year ago we bought a Subaru Forester, which we loved up until we tried to install a rear facing carrier car seat. When we realized that anyone riding in the passenger seat had better love themselves enough to sit in the fetal position as we drove we knew something had to give. A lot of looking and thinking about what kind of debt we wanted to take on and what kind of usage our family vehicle would need to accommodate led us to this little baby. Okay...that's a bit of an over-glorification, but you have to have a sense of humor about these things. I happen to find it hilarious that I drive a van, but you know what? I love it!! Here's to the newest season of my life as a Mom.


  1. Oh NO!!! A minivan? Just kidding. You gotta do what ya gotta do! Anything that makes life easier is cool with me. Isn't if funny how we start doing things we never thought we would do once we have kids and get older. Congrats on the new car, Minvan Mama.

  2. Baby Isha, I laughed at your comment and Heather, I laughed at your post! Heidi felt the same way when she traded in her Jeep for a mini-van. You definitely have to upgrade at some point...usually 2 kids is that point. Congrats on the new car...I'm sure you look gorgeous driving it.

  3. I gave Rob a birthday card last year that basically said, "You know you're thirty when you want a minivan." We bought ours a month later. It may not be as stylish as other cars but it sure is useful!

    You'll make a great Mad Mama Minivan Driver!


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