Day Dreaming

It's sunny spring days like today that are so perfect for tree houses. This is the mansion Daddy built this fall out of all salvaged wood for the girls. It's such a great place to hang out and play games or just relax. Plus we have the added benefit of knowing that all the wood and windows were saved from the dump! Way to go, Daddy.
photos courtesy of Hadley


  1. Wow, very impressive, Phil! (I'm jealous -- what a great treehouse/jungle gym!)


  2. Joe is drooling! Wish we could come over for some games, daydreaming and lemonade in the tree house. What a cool Dad!!

  3. Phil is so cool. That tree house will be a great memory for the girls. I'm sure they will remember it for ever and how much fun they had in it.

  4. I love the treehouse and really love to see Hadley's perspective on the world.


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