Almost 4 weeks

I don't have any new photos today, but thought I'd post an update on the girls. Hadley is still doing really well with adjusting to Amelia and her new life as a big sister. Hadley loves to sit in the rocking chair and hold her baby sister for a few minutes at a time, and she especially loves to give her hugs and kisses whenever she passes by her. Hadley can hardley resist touching Amelia's soft, sweet little head and saying hello. We feel really lucky to have such a sweet little girl and know that even though she was sure she didn't need a sibling a year's actually pretty fun.

Hadley also received her Kindergarten acceptance letter this week. She's excited...I'm sad. I can't believe 5 years has passed and I don't really want her to be so grown up. At the same time I am excited to see what this next chapter brings for her.

Amelia is growing like crazy! She's a tank. I need to weigh her so I can know if I'm just crazy or if she really has gotten much bigger. She eats non-stop so it's not surprising that she would be gaining a lot of weight. She also really loves to be held whenever possible. She hates it when we put her down. She's still not used to being disconnected from me yet I guess. I know this stage goes so fast so I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts. It's hard to sit in the rocking chair and look at the messy house and piles of laundry and not feel like I need to get it all done now, but I know it will only be a matter of time before I can't justify sitting and holding her most of the day. It is nice to have some hands free time, though. Today I went to the Doctor and actually left her home with Daddy. He gave her her first bottle!! She took it right away, and they both survived while I was gone for just a little while. Ameila will be one month old on Sunday!!


  1. Time flies when you are having fun!!

  2. I love to hear how you're savoring your girls. So sweet.

  3. I want a new picture of Amelia!!! Give me one to hold me over until I get there and can see her in person.


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