Buddah Belly

Babycenter.com says she looks like this at 32 weeks!!
I've had more than one request to post a belly shot on my blog and I want you to know that I'm working on it. I have not yet hooked up my new computer (new to me) so I still can't load photo's from my camera to my computer without first developing them and getting a CD. It is in the works, though. I'm hoping to have that done this weekend. Just in case, however, I thought I'd give you a baby update.

I'm feeling very good. That's a relative "very". Yes, my back hurts, I'm tired, and I have heartburn, but keeping things in perspective, I feel very lucky to feel this good. I have six weeks left of teaching and then I can look forward to Spring Break followed by BABY!! She's due to join this world on April 2nd. That means only 7 weeks to go (give or take a few days). I'm very excited to meet her. She's a mover!! The child is rockin' and rollin' in there. Let me tell you. I wish I were a few inches taller. My rib cage and belly are at max capacity.

Spring will be a beautiful (sleepless) thing at our house this year!!! We can't wait.


  1. Yes, it is very exciting to think about the new little baby girl that will be entering your lives. It will be great if she waits until after spring break so that you can have a week to just prepare and relax before her arrival. How is Hadley doing with the anticipation? I imagine pregnancy is pretty long to a child - it was long for me!! Can't wait to see your belly shot. :) Those are not fun to take, but so fun to look at months/years later.

  2. I am glad to hear that you are hanging in there. Those last few weeks are tough. Jai and I were at Babies R Us and there were all these pregnant women and I almost could not contain myself. I am so glad to not be pregnant anymore and to have Isha here. I have to admit that pregnancy was a pretty amazing experience and other than some nausea and the heart thing my pregnancy was pretty easy. Of course I can say that now.

    I think of you every day and I am anxious to see what this little girl looks like.

    Gotta go. I just heard a funny noise come out of Isha. Time to head for the changing table. Ha Ha. Your day is coming H.

    Lots of Love!!


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