I recently read about a pregnant Mother feeling her baby hiccup constantly and I thought to myself that I couldn't recall having either Hadley or this baby hiccup. I should have found a wooden surface nearby because as soon as I got done with the thought I felt the strangest "knocking" on the inside of my belly. It was so rhythmic that I can't help but think it was hiccups. Then about two hours later it came again. This time near my back (actually my behind) and it was so disturbing that I couldn't even concentrate. I was sitting at my desk trying to write a quiz and all I could think about was this little hammer going off in a most intimate and intrusive way. Since then this little one has had the hiccups repeatedly. Now I'm sure I never felt this before!!! There's no way I would have forgotten. I wonder why she would have hiccups? Am I not breathing enough?


  1. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with how much you're breathing. I think a lot of babies just get them in utero. Jonah had them every day like clockwork in the late afternoon for the last couple months of my pregnancy with him. It was a very funny feeling!!

  2. Maybe they're just bored!!! :)


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