Hair Fight!

The thing about girls is that at some point they care what their hair looks like. The bad part is that sometimes you, as a parent, have to decide. Do I make this a fight today, or do we just move on and let the hair look like a total mess? Hadley and I have been fighting about her hair for about a year now. I believe part of the problem is that she didn't get hair until she was already stubborn and very independent. By the time she had hair she was more interested in making her own decisions than listening to me. So the hair was messy much more often than it was cute. *Finally* we convinced her that she wanted to get her hair cut this weekend, and before she could change her mind we rushed over to Fantastic Sam's with my sisters Lindsay and Mary. It was really Lindsay who inspired the change. She said she wanted her hair cut and Hadley jumped right in there and thought it would be fun to do together. Lindsay didn't get her hair cut , but Hadley still thought it would be fun, especially after I told her I'd buy her ice cream. She almost bailed at the last minute, but after she had some time to think about it she decided she really did want to have her hair cut. We sat in the lobby and she looked at a children's hair picture book and selected the pixie cut you see in the photo's. I think the key to ending up with a hair cut I actually liked was the fact that I gave no opinion. No input from me made it her very own decision. She'll never have to know that it's the one I was hoping for all along!! Luckily Lindsay had her camera phone handy or we would have missed the whole event (on camera anyway). Hadley has decided that having a haircut is a cool thing to do. I'm thrilled to have an end to the daily hair fight!!


  1. Oh My Goodness...ADORABLE!!! Congrats on getting a hair cut and way to go on letting her pick what she liked best -- that worked perfectly for you! She looks so great and I squealed when I saw her getting her hair washed. Thanks for posting the pictures...and congratulations again...I know what a "hair fight" this has been :)

  2. She is too cute! Isn't it funny how if we just keep our motherly mouths closed they often make the best choice themselves? Thanks for posting the cute photos - may your life be hair fight free for a few months! :)

  3. I love Hadley's new hair style. It is so cute and she is adorable. I can't believe how grown up she looks.


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